Why Regal Pools?

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have built Regal Pools into one of the premier pool companies in the metroplex. We have been recognized for our integrity, quality craftsmanship, elegant designs and fair prices. I feel we are the perfect size company, small enough to pay attention to details that get lost with large companies but large enough to get large company discounts so that our prices are competitive. Some contractors take large payments up front and use your money to finish other jobs; we think that’s robbing Peter to pay Paul.

We are DEBT FREE and promptly pay our subcontractors and distributors, so in turn they take special care of us and you. We are one of the oldest family owned and operated companies in the metroplex and that is important if you have a warranty issue. The most important aspect of doing business with us is that when you talk to me you are not just getting a salesman you are getting the owner, you won’t have a chain of people to go through to get an answer, make a change or resolve a problem. When we start a job we are on your job until it is finished, meaning your project won’t sit for weeks because our sales force sold more jobs than our construction crews can handle.

Regal Pools Will Beat Most Pool Builders Price!

What can I expect to spend on a pool remodel vs a new pool?

Back in 2001, a local news channel did a story on shopping to build a new swimming pool. They found several pool companies advertised lower prices than they actually charged. Regardless of advertised price, when companies were compared “apples to apples”, the final prices were about the same: in the mid thirties.

Years later, the price for a pool/spa combination is over forty thousand. We have broken it down for you. Remember this is an average size pool, with a perimeter of approximately 90 feet, with average equipment.

Fast & Affordable Pool Remodeling
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