The City of Flower Mound is one the most serviced areas that we worked with. It is a great community with a wide variety of pools and customers.  With the age of the home Regal Pools is a perfect fit for the community. Often times we look for pools leaks, and do our normal cleaning service. Multiple customers over the years have taken advantage of our swimming pool remodeling services as well. We have remodeled their pools to bring in fresh new look and feel to their backyard. Often time customers do not realize how easy it is to do a swimming pool remodel, with over 20 years of experience we take the guess work out of your remodel and make it easy for you to enjoy the experience of a newly remodeled swimming pool

Also we can add a fresh new look to the back yard by taking your current deck and staining it a new color. For some customers we have added in waterfalls to make the backyard appear more like an oasis and back yard retreat.   By adding simple stone elements to the rock features. We can transform the look of the backyard and give it a dramatic update.  Call our team of professionals for them to give you a free quote on your backyard.