Lewisville, Texas is one of Regal Pools most serviced areas. Located in the North Texas area this community has a wide variety of homes in it. We have a large amount of clients that take advantage of our pool cleaning service. Every month our technicians come out around two times a month and service the pools and make sure that all the chemicals are balanced and the pool is operating smooth and functionally.

Also in Lewisville we search for pool leaks in and leaks among the pools because some of the pools tend to be over 15 years old. Our technicians are trained to search and test your pool for any leaks in the pool that is letting water escape into the surrounding surface.

Regal Pools is very familiar with the area and would like the opportunity to work with you on any pool related project. From cleaning, surface repairs in your deck to updating your pool to a modern look. Call our team of professionals today at 972-221-6507